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Grow your organisation’s revenue, operations and online popularity with Helping Digital. We are a full-service digital agency that specializes in search engine optimization. Being the best SEO Company in Gurgaon, we have an enviable track record of success. With deep roots in technical SEO, our skilled team provides you with result-driven strategies. We ensure that our clients can significantly grow their revenue and profit with scalable SEO strategies. Our expertise lies in providing quality SEO services and we adopt a 360-degree approach while crafting strategies.

Our primary objective is to deliver transformational growth to modern-day companies. If you are serious about attaining higher popularity in the online medium, we bring the best SEO agency India are your preferred option. At Helping Digital Group, we would help you meet your marketing objectives and achieve growth. Helping Digital has helped some of the country’s top companies to achieve first-page rankings. For us, SEO marketing cannot exist in a silo. Usually, SEO success demands a good focus on generating better business results.

We help deliver complex SEO solutions to help our clients achieve their business goals. Using advanced data analysis and innovative SEO strategies, we deploy a holistic growth model which catapults your online growth. From initializing SEO strategies to executing SEO audits along with On-Page SEO, we offer the best SEO services in Gurgaon, India. Let’s take a glance at our work processes which make us the best SEO Company.

Our Process

With over a decade of experience with SEO marketing, we are considered as one of the top SEO companies in India. We have a proven process to provide you with scalable results.



Unlike other SEO agencies, we don’t usually rush to take a project. We comprehend its scope and requirements so that the dealing process with clients is transparent.



After the initial meeting with the clients, the next step is planning. We being the best SEO Company to illustrate your requirements and identify the milestones through our initial interaction. This enables us to have an initial vision on which we will make your objectives attainable.



This is the phase where the final design takes place. Our SEO firm focuses on employing proven SEO strategies in this phase. Our two-pronged approach to SEO marketing in this stage helps us to align your expectations as per your business objectives.



It is the final process where we deliver your project. Being an SEO expert India, we make sure that the solutions delivered by us are correct. Our customised solutions would help you attract potential customers and leads. We would also launch and promote your website.

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We are quite pleased with the SEO service received from Helping Digital so far. Even though it’s just a month, I’m collaborating with them. I can already see a positive move in my website’s rank.
Moksha Mantra
Aashish Nanda - Brand Manager
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The entire staff members at Helping Digital have been a pleasure to work with. They answer your queries and doubts quickly which is quite rare nowadays. They are knowledgeable with the ever-evolving algorithms of SEO.
My Immigration Help
Samuel Jones - Marketing Manager
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It has been quite an experience working with Helping Digital. With their SEO campaigns, my website is now ranking in the first page of Google and Bing. I look forward to working with them in future.
Saniya Travels
Rizwan Ahmed - Brand Manager
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Helping Digital Group did everything they said they would do and did it on time. The whole process of dealing with them is quite transparent. They are even good for start-ups.
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Rohit Bajaj - Brand Manager
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We are one of the best SEO firms as we break down our approach while driving success for you. Usually, people are searching for agencies like you online. Will they discover you or your competitors? A large number of organisations depend on us to generate excellent leads and sales. Always remember that a majority of people guess the credibility of a company on the basis of its website design. We provide the best SEO services as we rely on data-driven insights to increase your online popularity.
Website Analysis

Well, we don’t always rely on guesswork to measure and track your results. When you collaborate with us, it becomes easier to track digital marketing performance and conduct industry research. Our all-in-one digital marketing platform ensures that all outcomes are measured and tracked properly.

Proven Campaigns

At Helping Digital, we have some of the best minds working together towards a common goal. Being a top SEO company, our primary goal is to deliver high-quality and customised SEO services to our revered clients. Our SEO experts are highly experienced and possess industry-specific skills. We align your company’s objectives with our SEO strategies.

Tailored Strategy

We always deploy the latest SEO tools to manage various campaigns. Moreover, our teams are adept at working with a wide variety of technical tools to provide you with desired outcomes. As we are the best SEO services company, we adhere to Google algorithms. Our advanced tech platforms provide you with a 360-degree view of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Search Engine Optimization Audits

Search Engine Optimization Audits

Our immense expertise in search engine optimization helps you to avail a complete action plan. Always remember that a comprehensive SEO audit is the most effective way to identify why your website is not ranking. What makes our SEO audit unique is its 100% transparency. In simple words, via our digital marketing audits, you would always be aware of where your money goes. Are you facing issues in the major search engines, and you don’t know the reasons?

Being the top SEO Company in Gurugram, we provide you with highly customized SEO audits. In the process of search engine marketing audits, we can assess your site and develop actionable tactics. Our comprehensive marketing audit would help you maximize your visibility online. We deploy an overall assessment to identify your website’s strengths. On the basis of your website’s strength, we would implement the best search engine optimisation strategy. Note that our marketing audit commences with an overall assessment of your website along with its analytics.

Based on this assessment, we offer suggestions to improve your digital marketing strategies. Moreover, we would also provide you with a digital marketing audit report to show how your site performs. The search engine marketing audit report would also highlight the potential improvement areas.

Strategic Alignment

Getting your digital strategy working together in accordance with your business strategy would help your brand prosper. Being a top-grade SEO specialist, we ensure the proper alignment of business and digital strategies. At Helping Digital Group, we review your business plan and model before formulating any digital strategies. We work in close collaboration with you since you are aware of your business objectives better.

Being the best SEO specialist, we take an honest approach to aligning your digital and business strategies on the same plane. With our years of experience, we can determine whether or not your product poses any value for your users. We also conduct comprehensive market research, which assists us with the analysis of your competitors. In the process of strategic alignment, we also assess your digital presence to recognize the gaps. Being the best SEO consultant, we help you rebuild your digital presence based on our findings.

We also tweak certain aspects of your website to align your digital and business strategies. The subtle changes implemented by us ensure that your website attracts a lot of users. Our proven and scalable digital strategies help you stay on track over a certain period of time. You wouldn’t find us cutting corners while aligning your business and strategic objectives as we are the best SEO consultant.

Strategic Alignment
Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Being the best SEO expert in Gurgaon, we specialize in carrying out comprehensive competitor analysis. To be precise, competitor analysis helps your company to recognize the weaknesses and strengths of other agencies. It also helps in defining your organisation’s current standing with respect to them. If you want to evolve as a user-friendly company, competitor analysis is essential. With the help of competitor analysis, you would also be able to learn the best new practices.

You just cannot stick to a single SEO strategy over the years. The arena of online marketing evolves at a rapid pace. Hence, you have to analyse your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses from time to time.

As the best SEO expert in India, we recommend carrying out competitor analysis after every two months. We would help you check and assess the metrics of other organisations frequently. Our competitor analysis techniques would also you get a dynamic view of your closest rivals. Are you already feeling intrigued to optimize your website? Contact us today and one of our SEO strategists would guide you effectively.

When You Succeed, We Succeed.

We are defined by our values. We treat our clients with uprightness, esteem and follow a transparent dealing process. Being the best SEO company India, we work together to achieve objectives with a diverse team.

Brand Manager

SEO or search engine optimisation is the main idea to get a higher page ranking in search engine results. The ultimate goal is to get boost unpaid traffic on a particular page. To have domain authority, solid brand presence online, create brand image among the target group, you cannot survive with SEO. It also requires behaviour, demographic, relevant service-related keyword when aiming for broader reach online. People search for almost all necessary information online by search engines, and it shows up search results that are most relevant and close to the search.

If people cannot find you on the internet through search engines, there is no better way to deploy SEO and get its benefits for your business online. To get better online recognition and revenue stream, SEO can do wonders for your brand.

SEO takes time to show results, and it slowly grows over time. It may vary from one SEO marketing agency to another. There is no one or group of keywords that can get you page traffic within a given time. It is a misguided concept to assume that there is a definite time limit for SEO to start working. It depends on the brand product and the relevant keywords chosen. SEO, these days, is mainly driven by naturally used words that people use to search questions. Therefore, people may not get suitable results when choosing long-tail keywords.

The main reason is that people are using speak and search technology than typing the words for a search function. Online search rankings matter, and it is mainly the time it will take to get listed among the top lists. The main idea is how long SEO will take to generate sales and leads for your company.

The time taken for SEO to start working depends on how long your website has been online, and for long, SEO could bring effective results. Besides, it depends on what shape your website has, how content quality, relevancy of profile link, and other influencing factors. However, with this information updated, you can expect some significant growth during the initial month of deploying SEO on a webpage. The keyword research to technical work, content, blogging, and page optimization quickly starts showing results. The digital marketing plans should be robust to get potential results from SEO.

We’ve delivered Google 1st page results for hundreds of clients, and we’re pleased that many of these customers have stayed with us throughout the years. Digital marketing agencies need to come up with effective and innovative marketing strategies to deliver desired results. The main purpose of approaching a team is to convert the strategy into serious sources of revenue for the business. Unlike most agencies who promise to give positive results through clicks, we cater to the varied requirements of clients and try to make the most of their investments.

Helping Digital works with a result-driven approach and maintains transparency. Our positive customer satisfaction stories are evidence of our promise to clients to deliver the best and bring in great flow for website traffic. Working with some renowned clients and maintaining a stable position in the market is what makes clients rely on us with excellent digital marketing solutions.

The SEO marketing team should excel in expertise in the field for years. It should be evident from marketing audits, competitor’s analysis, and strategic work alignment that can deliver the best. A comprehensive assessment on the website will let you know whether the current strategy works perfectly and brings in traffic.

If not, it is time to change it for a better impact, and this is where experts at Helping Digital excels at coming up with innovative ideas to stand out from the rest. It delivers actionable improvements with better changes and recommendations. The marketing solution should drive revenue and relevant to business goals and Helping Digital work closely with brands to understand its motive and goals. A brand's target market helps us mine valuable data to plan the marketing strategies that would work perfectly for your business.

At Helping Digital, we are always delivering the best SEO services for all our customers and you can see the impressive results here. Throughout the last 10 years, we have helped a variety of small and large businesses succeed online.

You should know the approach to improve rankings online when you can expect details of keyword research, link building, SEO audit, on-page optimisation to boost page rankings. Ensure whether the company ensures the online rankings and convert its potential revenues for the brand.

Experience of SEO Company

Try to know when an SEO Company has been serving the industry and the category of projects they have handled. This gives you an idea of the quality of service to expect and the niche of work. The expertise and skill of the team will determine how many effective results you can expect from the team.

Time To Deliver Results

Time is taken to complete SEO work and how long it takes to see results. It varies from one team to another and the niche of brand service. The SEO techniques are also responsible for speeding up the SEO process in the market. The measures will help to rank your page better online and give suitable results.

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Which SEO process does the Team Outsource?

Try to know whether it is a mundane task or a specialised task that the agency outsources for the SEO process. Before hiring, check the experience of the outsourced team to expect the quality of work for which you are hiring the particular SEO agency and not the outsourced team.

Know about Link-Building Process

The SEO Company should build links to content relevant to business service, and it should be accrued over time. Moreover, the anchor text should be naturally put and help reach out to the target group easily.

The SEO cost would depend on the services included and their duration. The factors on which the cost differs are competitor ranking, number of keyword optimization, digital marketing team, lead generation, tracking revenue sources and others. In addition, SEO goals, the scale of marketing strategy, pricing model, and existing current SEO condition also determine the price of SEO service.

There is monthly and fixed-rate, hour-based, project wise, and you need to pay depending on this. But no plans would work overnight, and it requires time and how well the brand is placed online. You need to set your digital marketing goals to get a suitable SEO service and choose the price model accordingly.

It is better to approach a digital marketing team that offers custom made service, making it easy on your pockets. Depending on your business type, the following list of factors can influence the cost of SEO service.

  1. Number of product or pages that requires SEO service
  2. Strength of competition of the digital marketing agency
  3. Existing SEO practice of the business online
  4. Link acquisition plays a vital role in determining the cost of service

The need for SEO service and business goals can also help one know the actual price of the SEO service. As you get in touch with Helping Digital, they will preview the business and geography of the site online. After this, they can give an estimate of the price involved to deploy the SEO service. Try to approach one with a variety of service options and choose the one that suits your business type the best.

The old school SEO tactics that gave results are no longer valid. SEO has evolved when it requires more than just quality content. And yes, it is a good investment if you can assure quality results from a digital marketing agency. Considering today’s digital marketing world, SEO is a potential element that can drive positive results.

It requires having the right techniques for website building that helps present your brand better online. It requires knowledge about the latest market trends that can help for effective search engine optimisation. Along with content, it is effective SEO that makes your brand found online. It will help in the suitable ranking of the website among the rest and retain it for long. This is where one can know about its relevance, and it goes beyond.

Connecting users to potentially become users is what requires the effective use of SEO on websites. Besides, content visibility also depends on SEO along with keyword placement. The keyword choice should be correct and relevant to the service of the brand. Simply throwing keywords won't make sense, and it cannot work without the correct use of SEO.

From proving SEO relevance for users and choosing the right set of keywords, the digital marketing team can help. Without SEO, you may risk getting the topmost position in search engines and getting suitable results. This helps in brand recognition provided SEO is deployed correctly and effectively. With the growing pace of digital platforms, SEO is today and beyond.

Search engine optimization services are essential for companies irrespective of its size. Moreover, small companies have dire requirements of SEO as it helps broader reach and grab the attention of its target group. It is a small organisation; it requires brand recognition so that the target group gets to know about the brand and what it offers.

Customer reach plays a vital role, and this is equal for any business. Without customers knowing about brand existence, you may not retain a solid position online. SEO is the way to help customers find the business, and this is where digital marketing agencies can help.

It is the responsibility of digital marketing agencies to deploy correct SEO, letting the brand name show up in the top position of search engines. Both small and big companies need to have an online presence, allowing the target to know about the service and why they should approach you over the rest. Giving the necessary information to consumers will help make a prominent online position, which is possible by SEO.

So, SEO agencies have different strategies for SEO depending on the size of the company and its condition of SEO. The existing position of a company matters in understanding how much search engine optimization it requires to reach the top list and get noticed well online. You have to maintain a suitable position online and win the trust of the consumer group to retain your position. It requires suitable assistance from an efficient digital marketing team like Helping Digital.

SEO is an efficient marketing tool that is important for every business to make a prominent online presence. Before spending on SEO, it is better to understand how much SEO will be effective for your business niche. It works great for businesses that have great search volume with less competition in the market. There are highly searched keywords, but there is no such competition in the market. So, when planning for competitive keywords, set keywords wisely that are unique and stand out from the rest.

Using the right SEO tool would help in deciding the competitive feature of the keyword. Besides, your website should be user-friendly and updated for ease of accessibility. The website architecture matters the way you use SEO on your website. In addition, the right and static page URL is relevant to brand service. Also, try using one primary keyword for each URL to boost its reach and relevance.

All these together contribute to effective results of SEO for your website. Do not forget to add a meta description to your website. This would give a quick description of brand service. The keyword search is an important part of this where the digital marketing team can help you. It is mainly competition for your brand's organic search results, and this is where Helping Digital can assist you well. The choice of the right keywords, website design, theme, and other elements determine how well SEO would work on it and drive potential results.

SEO or traditional SEO is also national SEO, and local SEO is its subset. SEO is mainly to boost website ranking for its relevant searching rankings. On the other hand, Local SEO mainly focuses on optimization efforts that help reach the local search options. Businesses with physical offices can opt for local SEO better, whereas online businesses are best to get to organic SEO for suitable results.

The on-page SEO works the best with relevant content. Therefore, it can be rightly asserted that SEO is an integral part of marketing and one is sure to get potential results from the search engines. SEO investment is a long-term one that is cost-effective and allows one to discover potential leads over time.

The SEO service is necessary for business, big and small, and it is one of the prominent marketing strategies to make a presence in the online platform and retain it for long. As there is increasing competition, brands need to come up with innovative strategic plans that help them earn from traffic and clicks. Creating content and incorporating relevant links between content can be great to include SEO for your webpage traffic.

However, both forms of SEO depend on each other. If you want businesses to show up on local listings like Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, it requires adding a suitable link to the website. The local sites help local SEO by indicating the search of the place where the business is operating.

The links that you add to a website count as link building that helps the organic SEO of your page. When you take backlinks into account, it helps get effective search engine results. In addition, local SEO can help to update business addresses and helping your organic SEO. Search engines require fresh content, and when local SEO is sending signals for the local presence of a business, it helps boost the organic SEO of the website.

Both SEO strategies can bring positive results for website ranking. A single wrong step for any of the SEOs can have a negative impact on the overall digital marketing service on the website. For a local business, it is better to start with local SEO before moving over to organic SEO for effective results on your website.

SEO has a plethora of benefits for a business with a huge impact on company goals. From driving in attention to leads and boosting sales, it does a lot to make a prominent position online.

1.) Targets Quality Traffic

SEO helps in your business's inbound marketing, and it includes reaching out to customers via different channels. Choose the right platform that would be suitable to deliver important data to your target group. The marketing message should help convert mere visitors to leads and boost sales.

2.) SEO Helps Build Trust Among Consumers

Without customers trusting your business, they will not approach to opt for the service. With organic SEO, there is a higher chance of getting clicked. Improve SEO to get suitable results and help brands build trust in your service.

3.) Boosts User Experience on Website

SEO can improve your website, optimizing it for web users. It allows easy navigation, eliminating the common functional glitches from the website. This gives a better user experience helping them in ease of accessing options online. From accessing the services to the overall content on the website, it should be easy for the users. Only if you boost the usability of a website and improve customer experience is it a key to improve the SEO on your website.

4.) Works the Best for Improving Brand Visibility

Without appropriate brand visibility, you may not sustain the brand online. This is where SEO optimized websites help in broader reach among target groups. SEO starts to show results when more people notice a brand's online presence and click the links to read website information.

We Assist Businesses to Reach the Top of the Competition

To help you understand SEO and its processes, here are some of the most common questions. In case you want to know more, fill out the form. We would get back to you soon with your queries. We love keeping our clients in the loop about the work we do. Our clients achieve tangible outcomes because we have expert digital marketers and data-driven insights. We ensure full transparency, no unethical practices and no hidden charges. We transform your web presence into a lead generation empire.

We are your one-stop SEO Company Gurgaon, India and provide you with real-time analysis. With us, you would be able to know what your competitors are up to! Grow your online business with us. Connect with our digital strategists to know more about how we can help you meet your objectives.