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Building a scalable and reliable web platform is not a one-off project. At Helping Digital, our WordPress web developers know that your website is more than a domain.
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WordPress Websites

Are you in need of a powerful WordPress website that converts? At Helping Digital, we have developing WordPress websites for a long. We possess extensive experience in WordPress website design. Being one of the best developers in India, we also specialize in custom WordPress web development. We are a client-centric company which makes our dealing processes transparent. We would put together a development plan, suggestions, and timeline while designing your WordPress website. What makes us unique from others is our full suite of services.

Apart from WordPress website design and development, we also offer SEO services. Our experts take time to comprehend your brand’s objectives and values. Only after understanding your brand fully, we commence with WordPress website development. We follow a structured process in developing websites powered by WordPress.

Why Should Businesses opt For WordPress Web Development?

Nowadays, every customer-centric brand requires a website to function. WordPress web development is becoming popular among businesses as it has great functionalities. When you have a website powered by WordPress, you would be able to manage it from any computer. At Helping Digital, our developers use responsive themes to design and develop your WordPress website. Moreover, WordPress is browser-based. That’s you just need an internet connection and a device to manage your site.

Another key highlight of WordPress websites is that they rank higher in SERPs. In other words, search engines love websites powered by WordPress. The code behind WordPress is immaculate and straightforward. This makes it easier for the search engines to read and index the site’s content. WordPress websites are popular among brands because of the presence of various plugins. You get access to tons of plugins with multiple features. Our WordPress web developers make sure that your website has the latest plugins.

You get dedicated plugins to speed up your website and make it SEO-friendly. Furthermore, WordPress websites are cross-platform optimized. In simple words, they load on various types of smart devices. So there is no need to optimize your website for different devices. At Helping Digital Group, we provide you with scalable WordPress web development services.

We undertake Agile-Based Development Approach

We undertake Agile-Based Development Approach

At Helping Digital Group, our primary objective is always to emphasise customer satisfaction. We strive to provide the ideal solution in smaller sprints via WordPress web development. We have a squad of trained WordPress developers, experienced scrum masters, and designers.

We emphasise collaborating meticulously with our clients to maximise their brand value. Being the best WordPress developers, we follow a consistent feedback and improvement approach. Our team of WordPress web developers is professional and possesses great experience in trending technologies.

Developers at Helping Digital are adept in strategising and developing WordPress solutions for different industry domains. We create WordPress websites considering an array of performance metrics.

Committed to Maintain Professionalism

Helping Digital Group sets itself above the competition by making a firm commitment to customer service and quality. We thoroughly analyse the objectives of your brand before embarking on the development journey.

Being one of the best WordPress web developers, we always place a premium on responsibility and professionalism. Our objective is not just to develop a functional and beautiful website. We ensure that your website powered by WordPress can convert as well.

Call us to avail of a personalised consultation on your website project. Our efficient WordPress development services can make your brand’s website design a reality. We also provide extensive WordPress website maintenance and support.

Committed to Maintain Professionalism
Avail WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

Avail WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

Even after your WordPress website goes live, our work doesn’t end. Our WordPress maintenance package helps your website to be on track. At Helping Digital Group, we deliver you with the latest upgrades along with plugin compatibility checks.

We also release daily backups and security patches for your brand’s WordPress website. In other words, your website would function efficiently and be supported round the clock. Always remember that our WordPress maintenance plans are based on your specific requirements.

That’s why you pay for the services which you need. From carrying out performance audits to round-the-clock support, we are your ideal WordPress developers. Our expertise allows us to offer comprehensive solutions with superior customer service.

We design Eye-Catching and Functional Webpages

We have been popular among our clients as we develop WordPress themes. Whether you want to launch a new template or change an existing one, we can help. At Helping Digital, we work with popular WordPress themes which make your website responsive. Our developers are adept in installing and configuring more than 100 plugins belonging to 15 categories. Being one of the nest WordPress developers, we ensure that your website is functional and futuristic at the same time.

Our technological prowess makes us adept at configuring over 100 WordPress plugins. Apart from custom themes and plugins, we have expertise in WooCommerce too. We can launch a highly functional WooCommerce store with the latest features and plugins.

In-house developers at Helping Digital can monitor your website speed regularly. We not only create compelling WordPress websites. We also monitor the uptime of your website to ensure that it always converts. To improve compliance, we undertake regular ADA checks for essential pages.

We design Eye-Catching and Functional Webpages

Landing Pages Which Will Invigorate Your Audience

At Helping Digital, we not only develop WordPress websites. Being the best WordPress development agency in India, we design landing pages to support your campaigns. Are your campaigns not performing to the mark? Our experts can quickly design and deploy landing pages that can increase your conversion rates. With our compelling WordPress landing page design, you can effectively capture leads and decrease the bounce rates.

We are also adept at integrating your landing pages with the analytics platform. In other words, you would be able to target every stage of your sales funnel. At Helping Digital Group, we offer you the best security practices, which include output sanitisation. They would keep you in the loop about the implementation of the latest strategies. What makes us stand out is our custom WordPress web development. We are backed by some of the best in-house WordPress experts.

At Helping Digital, we develop highly responsive WordPress websites based on your preferences. Irrespective of the size of your project, we can assist you actively. We have a team of expert WordPress web developers who would deliver fully integrated and customized WordPress websites within the deadline. When you hire us for WordPress website development, we provide a team of dedicated project managers. Our primary objective is to provide clients with extensive support for the maintenance of WordPress websites. Our in-house developers and designers can help in moving your existing website to WordPress effectively. Our WordPress projects span clients in various industries.

Founder of Helping Digital
Founder of Helping Digital

Start by choosing and buying the right WordPress domain, which is an essential part of business marketing. It mainly includes a company name followed by ‘.com’. Further, it is better to have different hosting service and domain name to have suitable control on both and use it in a hassle-free way. The web hosting services you approach should be a reliable ones with years of experience in the field. Other steps to be followed are:

  • 1. Getting familiar with the interface of WordPress
  • 2. Choose the right website design theme
  • 3. Set the plugins
  • 4. Adding content on site

The time taken to build a WordPress website depends from weeks to months. When planning to have a custom made website, the existing condition of the website will determine the time it takes to build the website. Besides, it depends on the coding skills of the designers and the complex level of the design project. Other options on which the time depends are templates and the added feature you want. If building a simple website, it will take hardly 24 hours to complete the design. You can choose the theme that suits the purpose of your WordPress website the best.

Yes, before updating the website, it is important to back up files and deactivate the plugins. Use the built-in system that enables single-click updates to the latest version.

  • • Logging to the admin area of the WordPress website and visit the dashboard page.
  • • The new version will show up wherefrom click on the update option.
  • • It will start the download and install on the screen
  • • The WordPress will keep the site on maintenance mode for suitable results.
  • • The plugins and themes cannot be installed unless the update is complete.
  • • Following this, the welcome screen shows up with the new features added and ready for usage.

However, you can also try the manual update process using FTP and ask for the same from the digital marketing team you hire.

Yes, get a mobile-friendly website with the help of designers you have approached. Understanding the following things would help to get a mobile-friendly site:

  • • Importance of mobile-friendly sites
  • • Opt for the test with website design
  • • Choose a friendly and responsive theme for the website
  • • Install responsive WordPress plugins
  • • Do not add any pop-ups when using mobile
  • • Make strategies for a responsive theme
  • • Give priority to the site performance

Turn the website into a mobile-friendly app that will be easy for users to access and use the latest features correctly. The responsive device will be easy to access across devices.

The design gives uniqueness to business websites, and custom made ones are functional. It is SEO friendly and helps build up search engine options for the website. With business growth, the design requires advancement, and it requires using the right technology that suits the best for your website. On the contrary, the templates you purchase are budget-friendly options and are also available for free when availing of the premium version of the plugins. The templates take a short time for development and suitable option when in search of design in quick time. Ask for the right option from the web design and development services that you approach for suitable help.

Yes, it would depend on the premium custom-made theme you have chosen with the built-ins that come along. You can customize, and it would depend on the coding skills of the developers. Without making it complicated, it is better to change the text, picture, colour and other elements of the design. However, it is easy to customize a template than create a custom made theme for the beginning with the help of an agency. So, it is better to go for a premium theme that would be reliable and profitable to add the necessary changes later on.

Yes, if approaching reliable website design agency like Helping Digital, they can redesign existing website design in the following ways:

  • 1. First backup the website before making changes, and it can be done by manual FTP process or use the plugins.
  • 2. Now, set up a system to make it function as a webserver using programs such as AMPSS, MAMP and Wampserver.
  • 3. Make sure that you import the plugin backup on the new server. It indicates that two copies are available: one to customers and others are available for access on the system.
  • 4. Make necessary changes on the website and test it where you should use local explorer file to check the changes.

Yes, the professional team at our company, Helping Digital, helps maintain your website once it’s live. The agency offers a different package of website maintenance, and you can opt for the one that suits your business requirement the best. We are one of the reliable options in India as we help to check the daily backups, security updates and the like options. In addition, you can get help in security scanning, SEO updates, speed monitoring on the website, and e-commerce updates. You need to check the features and maintenance service included in the service package when choosing our digital marketing team.

The digital marketing team you hire would hand over the website once the design and other features are correctly installed. You will be the owner of the website context if you are its creator. Therefore, it is important to have an agreement for the same and get its ownership over the agency professionals who have helped in designing the website. In this regard, an ownership contract is important to have as it would contain what one should have and what belongs to the website designing team. Such as the visual and design is what you own other than domain name and content.

Yes, it would depend on how well the developers have worked to build up the correct design. It is a matter of trust and credibility that can push up the position of your website in the search results. When searching for a reliable digital marketing team in India, Helping Digital is a suitable option to hire to get the professional touch and positive impacts on website search results. However, the better and effective the work on the website, the faster it would take for the website to rank higher. Our team has in-depth knowledge to use the latest digital marketing techniques to drive better results.

Build Dynamic & Responsive Websites with our WordPress Development

Are you looking forward to developing websites that would convert? Is your existing website failing time and again to capture leads? Do you face recurrent issues while managing your website? If your answer is in affirmative to the above questions, it is time to opt for WordPress-powered websites. One of the primary reasons to opt for WordPress websites is their flexibility. WordPress also allows you to integrate seamless social networks. You would also have access to numerous themes to customise your website.

At Helping Digital, we have a passionate team of WordPress web experts having great experience in developing custom websites. Our in-house team of developers and designers possess functional and domain expertise in WordPress web development. We help in building a website strategy that caters exclusively to your brand’s objectives. What makes us unique is our ability to provide a top-notch customer experience. Moreover, our website developers stay updated with various intricacies of WordPress, which evolve from time to time.

This allows us to deliver seamless, robust, and scalable WordPress websites. Another highlighting aspect of our WordPress web development is we cater to various industry verticals. Whether you are a small enterprise or a large agency, we have a proven track record in working with all organizations. Our highly professional WordPress developers are well-acquainted with the latest WordPress versions. Our highly talented team of developers uses DevOps to facilitate better collaboration and a shorter time to market. Become a market leader with our innovative WordPress web development services. Contact us today to know more!