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Now you can improve your bottom-line with our website redesign. Make your website comply with the current trends to increase its conversion rates with our website redesign company.
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Revamp and Redefine your Digital Presence

Modern users love to interact with modern, intuitive, and sophisticated websites on a daily basis. If your website is still using traditional design elements, it is high time for a revamp. Website redesigning is crucial if you notice a dip in online sales and conversions.

Hire a website redesign agency like Helping Digital to attract quality leads. At Helping Digital, we begin the process of website redesigning with you. Our developers and designers would listen to you attentively to understand the objectives of your business.

Meet your Marketing Goals with Web Redesigning

Is your current website preventing you from accomplishing online marketing objectives? Whether you want increased functionality or enhanced UX, you need to revamp your website. You need a capable website redesigning agency that would help you to attract leads.

  • When you work with the Helping Digital Group, you will get:
  • A uniquely designed and user-friendly website to augment conversion rates
  • Various design prototypes to make your selection easier
  • Full suite of website redesigning services which include maintenance and updates
  • Analysis of content along with SEO
  • Usability and conversion analysis of the revamped website

At Helping Digital, we provide website redesigning services with search in mind. In simple words, the websites we redesign also rank higher up in the SERPs. Moreover, our website redesign services are responsive and follow Google’s mobile-first indexing policy. So when you partner with us, you will get more than a great website redesign. We have a team of expert designers and developers who assess various aspects of the website. They take a customized approach to the process of the website redesign process.

Generate More Leads with website Revamp

Generate More Leads with website Revamp

Hire website redesigning and development agencies to increase your website’s overall appeal. By implementing a tactical website redesign, your website would exude a fresh and new look. In short, it would be able to generate more leads than the current website.

At Helping Digital, we know which elements work and which don’t. Our proven website redesign strategies would turn visitors into customers. Our developers and designers understand the proper ways to turn your website into a lead magnet.

We rely on industry-standard design methodologies along with elements of persuasion in the website redesigning. Our website redesigning and development services are apt for those companies that are looking to increase their revenue.

Unique look, more traffic, & better conversions

If you want a website that performs, relies on our website redesign services. Note that a redesigned website would also help capture the attention of users. As per many marketing experts, websites should be redesigned periodically to attract new users.

We also update information and content while redesigning websites. This updated information helps in boosting your website’s overall engagement rate. We also have a highly talented creative team. The ingenious design team offers website redesign services that improve the overall visual appearance.

Our designers and developers strictly adhere to the latest web design trends. Apart from the above aspects, we make your website easy to navigate. With our website redesigning services in India, your users would be able to find information quickly.

Unique look, more traffic, & better conversions
We Extensively Add Visual Elements

We Extensively Add Visual Elements

Visual elements can positively affect the performance of your website. They assist organizations in keeping the visitors interested and engaged on your page. Furthermore, visuals can make a huge difference when the context is about turning your target audience into customers.

Modern users typically don’t favour seeing large sections of text on websites. At times, large text sections make your website seem unappealing. On the other hand, many users will simply leave your website as they find going through large text sections boring.

By adding visual elements, our developers break the text on your page. Our creative graphic designers can create engaging info graphics which would boost your website’s engagement rate. We also make videos and add them to your website while redesigning it. With videos, you would be able to provide a plethora of information quickly.

Optimizing your Website with the Best SEO Practices

We optimize your website with the current SEO practices so that it can rank higher up in the SERPs. Our developers and designers collaborate with in-house content teams to research keywords. The relevant keywords would help Google index your website to appear in search results.

At Helping Digital, our designers also replace the old keywords with the newer ones. By replacing the older keywords, your website gets the chance to rank higher. Apart from SEO, we also increase the overall speed of your website.

If you think website redesigning is only about revamping the structure, you are wrong. We believe in providing comprehensive website redesigning services which include content modification, keyword research, etc. We also make your website’s design highly responsive and ideal for mobile devices. If you want your website to earn valuable leads, contact us today.

Optimizing your Website with the Best SEO Practices

How you benefit from Website Redesign with Us?

At Helping Digital, our designers and developers commence the process of website redesigning with UI and UX analysis. This analysis helps us to unearth the weak points of your website. And once we’re aware of the weak points of your website, it becomes easy for us to restructure your website. Here are some of the ways in which we can revamp your website.

  • We minimize the bounce rate by fine-tuning your website’s performance
  • Our developers integrate intuitive navigation to improve the overall visitor engagement rate
  • The websites load faster with the use of clean codes
  • Our developers leverage mobile-first design

With us, you would be getting a complete content migration roadmap. Content migration is a burdensome process and consumes a lot of time. Our automated migration approach is one of the most effective ways to transfer content.

Founder of Helping Digital
Founder of Helping Digital

Simply put, a website redesigning can be best described as a superior overhaul that involves altogether redefining some aspects of the website. These elements could be the content, code, structure, and visuals of the website, which can collectively contribute to better catering.

A flawless website redesigning essentially equates to minimal bounce rates, a superior revenue boost, and improved user experience (UX). If you are a first-timer looking for an astute understanding, your website is your online gateway for demonstrating your brand to the world. Hence it's only natural to match the global standards for improving your site over time.

  • Discovery – First of all, you must realize your goals, strategies, and solution for the website. Furthermore, it would be best if you also settled on the variables of sitemap and pages to define the timeline of the project
  • Design – Up next, you must divert your attention to creating draft versions for the necessary pages. You could consider modifying them for individual pages or a template that fits various pages
  • Content – You must also consider producing new content and reviewing the existing content when you see gaps
  • Development – This is where you can concentrate on developing your website structure from approved designs. Make sure to incorporate the functionality you need as well

As mentioned already, website redesigning is a structured process of revolutionizing the website for the large-scale development of the user experience. Furthermore, it would help if you also considered the change in audience perception, improved conversion rates, or superior website traffic. You may get confused by the presence of multiple website redesign types- all of them typically produce similar goals.

It's hard to come up with a specific number or period to quantify the exact time required for website redesigning. However, a regular commerce website would take about fourteen to sixteen weeks to begin from the discovery stage to launch.

There are still many who don't know about the concept of web designing and consider web design updating as the same. Ecommerce website owners need to maintain updated websites for the betterment of their business. However, when it comes to redesigning, they must schedule their process every 2-5 years interval.

Websites are of paramount importance as they are the image in principle for every company on the internet. There's no doubt that a company without a website has zero online presence. Despite all the innovation and advancement, an online search is still the best and effective lead driver for most businesses. Your website must always have a detailed explanation of your products and services to help the oncoming traffic from a Google Search.

Social media platforms can never replace your website since they don't allow the users to have room for operation. Unlike websites, social media have its own set of rules which can be irrelevant to the best interests of your commercial online website.

Why Companies love our Professional Website Redesign Services?

No doubt, few things are as stressful for a business owner as a website redesign. Why should companies choose Helping Digital? At Helping Digital, we make the processes easy and hassle-free when redesigning websites. For a long period of time, we have been redesigning and developing websites for a majority of organizations. Moreover, you will 100% own your website, unlike other agencies which like to keep your website hostage.

In simple words, we refrain from adding hidden clauses in our contracts. Our pricing policies are highly transparent, and everything is available right on our website. At Helping Digital, we assign dedicated project managers to each client. The project manager keeps you in the loop about the latest tasks we are working on. You can trust us with every aspect of website redesigning. From homepage redesigning to optimizing the whole website, we undertake projects of all scales.

We have the experience of working with companies of all sizes in the recent past. We target your audiences and industry domain entirely while redesigning the website. Tell us about the objectives of your business. Schedule a free consultation session to learn more about our capabilities in the website redesigning.