How important is page speed for SEO

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How important is page speed for SEO

Page speed is frequently mistaken with “site speed,” which is the page speed for a random sample of a site’s page views. The “time to first byte” or “page load time” are two ways to quantify page speed. Google has stated that one of the signals utilised by their algorithm to rank pages is site performance (and thus page speed). Furthermore, research suggests that when Google evaluates page performance, it may be calculating time to the first byte in particular.

Furthermore, a poor page speed means that search engines could crawl very few pages with their crawl budget, which may impact your indexation. User experience is also influenced by Website page speed optimization. A higher bounce rate and a shorter average stay on the page are associated with pages that take longer to load. Conversions have also been demonstrated to be harmed by longer loading times.

Can Page Speed Affect The SEO?
The short answer is that loading time does have an impact on SEO. Page speed is a direct ranking component, as Google’s Algorithm Speed Update has made clear. Speed. On the other hand, it can indirectly impact rankings by increasing bounce rates and decreasing dwell time.

Users come first at Google. It is said that the average 3G loading speed is relatively poor. Users may even leave the site after 3 seconds. This indicates that their user experience is poor, and Google does not favour sites that deliver poor user experiences.

Page speed is not at all like site speed, despite appearances. The average of numerous test pages on a website is used to determine site speed. Website page speed optimization, refers to how long a user will wait before entering a single page. Helping Digital is one of the best SEO agency which can customise SEO strategies as per your needs. Visit their website for more information on their services.